Thursday, April 28, 2016

Legion Alpha: New Pets and More Pet Battle World Quest Updates

New Alpha build yesterday means new stuff and updated Pet Battle World Quests.
  • 6 new pets (2 of which were datamined way back in WoD Alpha/Beta, but never released)
  • Handful of updated pets - full list of Legion pets
  • Pocket Pet Portal (item that increases Pet Journal cap to 1500) is now rewarded for completing Battle on the Broken Isles
  • Confirmed(???) price for Narcissa's Mirror - 1000 Pet Charms (UNSURE about this, vendor was updated but it's still unclear if Pet Charms will be *the* currency for Legion)
  • 3 Pet Battle World Quests active daily (up from 2)
  • Better quest rewards! Pet Charms, multiple battlestones (but not Polished yay), and even Artifact Power

Also, seems like the Corgi Pup will come from a special vendor during the WoW anniversary period.

Overall, I'm very please with number of active Pet Battle World Quests.

I know there will be some who feel there's not enough PVE pet content at the start of Legion, especially with the 'max-level-only' requirement, but my hope is that more content will come post-release. A slow, yet steady progression of Pet Battle stuff throughout the expansion would be ideal.

3 out of 6 zones with Pet Battle World Quests is an adequate compromise IMO.

It also gives the new system some longevity since we'll all be aiming to complete the achievement. With good RNG, it will take 10 days to complete 30 different quests. And that's only IF there aren't any quest duplicates/repeats throughout the week. The quests that pop up are random, so there's a chance the achievement could take longer than 10 days.

That's another concern I have about integrating Pet Battle content with World Quests: longevity and repetitiveness.

- Will doing these dailies-that-aren't-dailies become/feel too repetitive?

- Will it feel tedious/mandatory to check every day for new quests?

- Will it keep the majority of collectors and battlers interested until the next big content patch (that hopefully also contains new pet content)?

- Will the rewards (Pet Charms, battlestones, Artifact Power) be enough incentive?

Perhaps we need additional goals to keep us busy and engaged.

What if the Pocket Pet Portal was the reward for a much larger achievement? Complete Battle on the Broken Isles plus other existing pet (collecting) achievements - all of the RWL achievements for example. Most veterans would probably satisfy the requirements immediately or very shortly after, but for the rest of the community it would definitely be something to work towards.

Would adding more requirements for the Pet Journal increase item be overkill though? As something that every collector will probably absolutely want, would attaching more achievements to it make it too difficult/tedious to get?

Hm, I'm not sure. But just some thoughts for the future and while we're still in the testing phase.

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