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Pet Battle World Quests: First Look

UPDATE: Pets do earn experience for completing these Pet Battle World Quests encounters. My level 1 received 3625 xp from the Stormheim battle (My Beast's Bidding - see end of post for details). The battles are repeatable, but I'm unsure if that's intended or not. If yes, could make for some convenient grinding/leveling...?

Oh and I didn't notice it before, but the World Quests changed yet I was still able to repeatedly battle an NPC from the previous rotation. Definitely not sure if that's intended or not.

Good to see a rare quality battlestone as one of the rewards though. I say that but 4 other quests are Polished stones...zzzzzzzz. lol

UPDATE #2: Amalia was today's Dalaran Pet Battle World Quest! My level 10 pet received 4750 xp from her team of 3 level 25 rare quality pets. Can battle her repeatedly, but you don't receive the World Quest reward (battlestone) after the initial completion.

Keeping track of the quests, rewards and enemy pet teams towards the bottom of the post.

UPDATE #3: You can enter the World Quest pet encounters even before you're level 110. You won't get quest completion or any of the rewards (you do receive player experience though - 3762 xp @ level 100 from Rocko). Not sure if that's intended, but if it's intended then I guess it'll be great for alts/lower levels and pet leveling.

UPDATE#4: If you don't complete a Pet Battle World Quest and leave it up, it will automatically change once all of the quests rotate. Can't "save" quests for next day.


I finally hit level 110 on Legion Alpha! First thing to test: Pet Battle World Quests. Here's a quick breakdown of what I've discovered so far.

  • One Pet Battle World Quest per Broken Isle zone (includes Dalaran as a zone), which comes to a total of 6 possible Pet Battle encounters at any given time.
  • One quest per reputation objective. Example: Only the Pet Battle World Quest in Highmountain counts towards Highmountain Tribes. See this GIF as an example - highlighted quest marker = counts as part of the objective.
  • Despite only receiving two emissary objectives for specific zones, you can still go and complete any and all of the Pet Battle World Quests that are currently up.
  • Simply approach the Pet Battle area that's listed on the world map and you'll see an RP pop-up (similar to this dialogue, Tournie Announcer is specific to Dalaran though) and auto-accept the quest.
  • Battles are repeatable, but offer no rewards after the initial completion (unsure if intended).
  • Haven't tested whether or not these battles yield pet experience.

As mentioned in my feedback post on the official forums, I think the Dalaran battle is a bit overtuned relative to the rest of the encounters. Everything else was your standard, fight 3 level 25 pets though. (Details on each of the quests that I completed for this first round can be found after the cut.)

So far the rewards leave much to be desired. At least from a veteran's point of view. Battlestones? I have a decent number already, so one battlestone isn't really going to get me super excited to travel out and battle.

If anything, the prospect of fighting something new will probably be more of a draw for me. At least the first time. Depending on the (randomized?) reward, I may not travel out to complete the same quest a second time.

And can we talk about these Polished Battlestones? Why they're in the rotation as a reward, I don't even know. Even those newer to Pet Battles quickly grow out of uncommon battlestones. These just don't cut it as a reward at this point IMO.

Things I'm hoping to see: different rewards. Pet Charms, toys, rarity stones, new pets, etc. More varied rewards each round of Pet Battle World Quests too. Maybe one day 3 could give battlestones while the other 2 reward Pet Charms. Next day 4 battlestones and surprise, a new pet! Something like that.

Different types of battles. Throw in some curve balls that make me rethink my strategy. BUT! If these World Quests are meant more for newer Pet Battlers, then perhaps I'll have to wait for new challenges.

What concerns me is the longevity of this content. Once we've completed all of the battles at least once, collected the new pets (if there are even pet rewards for these quests), what will keep us coming back for more? The battlestones? Or will the "good" rewards be so rare that we'll be required to check back as often as possible?

Anyway, I'm beat. Spent all night reaching max level and then checking out these new battles. I'll add more to this as I come across it, but I'm way too exhausted to press on for now.

Below are the first 3 days of World Quests. I'm keeping a much longer list of encounters on a separate post found here.

► DAY 1 List of quests that I completed this round:

Azsuna - Training With the Nightwatchers (Nightwatcher Merayl, reward: Flawless leveling stone)
Pets: Breezy Book, Helpful Spirit, Delicate Moth (all level 25 rare)

Dalaran - Fight Night: Sir Galveston (Sir Galveston, reward: Magic leveling stone)
Pets: Sir Murkeston, Coach, Greatest Foe (all level 25 epic)

Val'sharah - Only Pets Can Prevent Forest Fires (Living Coals, reward: Polished Magic stone)
Pets: Cackling Flame, Devouring Blaze, Living Coals (all level 25 rare)

Highmountain - Snail Fight! (Odrogg, reward: Dragonkin leveling stone)
Pets: Rocklick, Slow Moe, Snot (all level 25 rare)

Stormheim - My Beast's Bidding (Robert Craig, reward: Undead leveling stone)
Pets: Thrugtusk, Wumpas, Baeloth (all level 25 epic)

Suramar - Threads of Fate (Felsoul Seer, reward: Polished Humanoid stone)
Pets: ??

► DAY 2 List of quests that I completed this round:

Dalaran - Fight Night: Amalia (Amalia, reward: Mechanical leveling stone)
Pets: Stumpers, Foof, Lil' Sizzle (all level 25 rare)

Azsuna - The Wines Gone Bad (Vinu, reward: Flawless Elemental stone)
Pets: Vinu (epic lvl 25 boss pet) + 2 random wild pets of varying quality (no buffs)

Val'sharah - Dealing with Satyrs (Xorvasc, reward: Polished Aquatic stone)
Pets: Trixy, Globs, Nightmare Sprout (all level 25 rare)

Highmountain - Rocko Needs a Shave (Rocko, reward: Poblished Humanoid stone)
Pets: Rocko (lvl 25 legendary) (only has one ability, Pound, and one buff, Crumble)

Stormheim - Beasts of Burden (Andur and Rydyr, reward: Polished Critter stone)
Pets: (Rydyr's) Baby Bjorn (lvl 25 epic with Elite status); (Andur's) Mini Musken (lvl 25 epic with elite status)

Suramar - Mana Tap (Manafiends, reward: Polished stone)
Pets: ??

► DAY 3 List of quests that I completed this round:

Dalaran - Fight Night: Heliosus (Heliosus, reward: Humanoid leveling stone)
Pets: Heliosus (lvl 25 legendary, Rise from the Ash buff - retains this buff throughout all phases)

Azsuna - Help a Whelp (Scavenging Critters, reward: Mechanical leveling stone)
Pets: Hungry Owl, Hungry Rat (both lvl 25 epic)

Val'sharah - Meet the Maw (The Maw, reward: Beast leveling stone)
Pets: The Maw (lvl 25 legendary boss pet)

Highmountain - Tiny Poacher, Tiny Animals (Grixis Tinypop, reward: Polished Dragonkin stone)
Pets: Gulp, Egcellent, Red Wire (all lvl 25 epic)

Stormheim - My Beast's Bidding (Robert Craig, reward: Aquatic leveling stone)
Pets: Thrugtusk, Wumpas, Baeloth (all level 25 epic)

Suramar - Chopped (Verenne, reward: Polished Humanoid stone)
Pets: ??

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