Thursday, February 23, 2017

Class Pets: I'm Taking a Step Back

I believe I'm done. Done with responding or adding my two cents into conversations about the upcoming 7.2 class pets. It's just put too much of a strain on me emotionally.

I think I was done as soon as is started. When it was revealed how the DK and Monk pets would be earned, I had a very distinct sinking feeling in my stomach. No, no, no, my gut told me. This will not go over well.

The extreme way these pets will be obtained is causing an equally extreme response from the community. Those against it, they're upset because of the various reasons they're against it. Those for it, they're pushing back against those that oppose it because they think it's ridiculous to have issue with this situation. Middle-grounders and those trying to seek a balance between two sides are largely drowned out, not present, or dismissed.

As I stated on Twitter earlier, I'm disillusioned with these pets. To be entirely honest, I'm quite bitter towards Blizzard for implementing them in the first place, as it's caused a divide within the pet collecting community. In all my years volunteering for WarcraftPets, I don't think I've seen such a divisive topic as class pets (specifically the ones coming in 7.2).

I'm not expecting everyone to get along and agree with everyone else all the time. But these pets have caused any sense of civility and community to fly out the window, and it's very much an "us vs. them" type of scenario. And both sides consider the other wrong. One side is dismissive and considers the other as being entitled and merely complaining. The other side is angry (understandably so) and cannot fathom the (valid) points made by the other.

It's (excuse my french) a shit show.

What was my hope to involve myself in these discussions about the DK/Monk class pets? To shed some light and perspective for those that don't understand why others are upset. Those unaffected have nothing to fear or worry about, therefore there's really nothing to discuss from their point of view. But if we're to maintain a healthy community, I believe we need to consider the less fortunate. Empathy and empathizing goes a very, very long way.

As I mentioned before, whether Blizzard decides to change how these pets will be collected or keep them as they are now, it will not impact me much. I'm lucky to be part of the fortunate. But that doesn't prevent me from understanding why those, who feel they WILL be negatively impacted, see this as poor design.

I can also understand why the other side is ok with these pets, and even possibly why developers would want to implement collectibles like this.

But when it comes down to it, I think those that feel these pets will have an adverse effect on their gaming experience need to have their concerns addressed. They, in my eyes, are the little guy. And the big guys should stand up for the little guys (while not neglecting the big guys' desires/outlook).

So I advocated for a compromise. One that wouldn't take away from the intended overall experience, but one that would concede to those that are against these pets that it could be a bit more reasonable.

The compromise: Everything would stay the same, but the requirement to learn all traits post-empowerment would be removed. That's it.

The intent is to ensure those that want the challenge (and/or to feel special for a time) will still get it for the most part, and those that felt it was originally impossible to even strive for, may not be as discouraged and come to think it's not as out of reach as they initially thought.

But it's a minefield, and each side (mainly the side that's for the pets) is very much stuck in their beliefs. It's impossible to get across that a compromise as light as this would address both parties.

There's a serious lack of empathy involved from many that are vocal about supporting the design choice regarding these pets. I could say the same about the side that's voiced opposition, however I've read many responses that state that they're not looking for an overhaul of the entire collecting process, just a small concession.

I've yet to come across a response in support of the class pets, that acknowledges there are players whose gameplay experience will be negatively affected and to help with this, there's room for a reasonable change. I've yet to read a response from a supported of these pets that has a tone other than dismissive.

You're selfish for feeling the way you do.
You're entitled.
Stop complaining and whining.
You won't get to participate, get over it.
It's not that bad, do it later.

And so on.

We get to see the true colors of the community, I guess. Which makes me incredibly demoralized.

So I'm going to just stand by and watch and wait and see what happens. I think I've said all that I can to provide perspective. In the end my point of view really doesn't matter.

Blah, blah, blah. Overreacting. So melodramatic. Etc. Spin this situation however you want. It will not take away from the fact that some collectors feel very strongly about all of this, and to dismiss or ignore them would be a disservice by Blizzard.


  1. Thank you so much for this note.

  2. I don't mind working hard for pets. They are my passion and it wonderful to finally acquire a coveted companion.
    I am saddened by not only Blizzard's requirements but the overwhelming negativity from all sides.
    Q, you fight the good fight for all of us. Never forget that.

  3. I have tried to be vocal and express my concerns as well and found myself in a silly pointless back and forth on the PTR forums. You're right it is demoralizing. Even before I read your post I had decided enough was enough. I might try and get some of the new pets. I'll see. I have a very hard time running dungeons so completing the class order hall campaigns is stressful for me to even think about. Such a mess to even feel as bad as I do. BTW your point of view always matters to me.

  4. There has finally appeared a thread on the EU PTR forums:

    It is dead anyway, I guess it was just buried by other topics and not handwaved because of my wall of text with some strong expressions… still, linking for a record.

    I just don't want to involve more, or ask someone for that, until some facts aren't established, but still I am somewhere around. :)
    Though sometimes I'd really like to cut off these disputes just so others don't have to plough through them.

  5. This post depressed me even more. I am really sorry you feel the way you do. At the same time, your perspective is so different from mine, and I think it colors your view of the people who disagree with you in a way that is not really fair.

    I wish you could see how it feels to be in the minority on this.

    1. @Anonymous: "it colors your view of the people who disagree with you in a way that is not really fair."

      Not really sure in what way you mean.

      I understand completely why those in support of the pets feel the way they do. I don't hold it against them, and I even agree with them on some points.

      What I have issue with is the lack of empathy between both sides, especially from those in support of the 7.2 class pets. Specific players seem especially angry that others would even hint at other ways to implement these pets.

      We all have opinions. We don't have to agree on every single thing. But to dismiss each other's point of view so blatantly just causes the conversation to come to a standstill.

      Which is what's been happening. You're either firmly for or firmly against these new pets. Neither side is willing to concede points to the other. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions in the middle are drowned out.

      So rather than carry on, I'm going to just wait for Blizzard's decision.

      I've mentioned multiple times what I believe to be a fair compromise, and if they follow that suggestion (or any other suggestion to reduce the requirements made by the community) then great.

      If not, then oh well. Some won't agree with it, but we can't dwell on it. Just move on and forward.

      I'll keep collecting regardless, but I know others won't. Which is just a damn shame for an aspect of the game that Blizzard has been trying to build up lately.


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