Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Love Is Definitely In the Air

Happy Valentine's Day, February 14th, and/or Tuesday to all!

No new pets were added with this year's Love Is In The Air in-game event, but there was a new item that "buffs" an existing pet. ^_~

#buffpeddlefeet can now be realized with Peddlefeet's Buffing Creme! It puts a Well Buffed buff on Peddlefeet that turns him slightly translucent and sparkly. This consumable can be purchased from the holiday vendors for one token.

Some background: Once upon a time, a character by the name of Zepp dreamed of the day where Peddlefeet would be buffed. Perhaps this isn't the exact "buff" Zepp had in mind, but a buff is a buff. ^^;

In addition to the creme, while I was looking for a suitable body of water to use my Love Boat toy in, I discovered a tiny, adorable change to Dalaran (Broken Isles).

I'm not sure if this is temporary or a permanent addition, but it would seem Trashy has found a cute companion to spend this special day with. :)

Normally, Trashy is a mob that wanders around Margoss' Retreat (the fishing island floating just outside of Dalaran). Today, I was surprised to find him with Cinnamon, an adorable red panda with a bow. Cinnamon usually hangs out in Curiosities & Moore shop in Dalaran.

We'll have to wait and see if this love is just a fling, or something more. hehe ^^; (note: There's a Trashy Jr. hanging around in the Dalaran Sewers; could Cinnamon have anything to do with that...? *wink*)

Anyway, I hope everyone has/had a great day. <3

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  1. With the new Love Boat toy, I actually have to do some work in this holiday event. The best way of massively farming love charms I've found is in normal Everbloom. With a well geared AOE class (My main is a retribution paladin), I can clear the first 2 bosses with all of the little adds in about 5 minutes.


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