Saturday, December 2, 2017

7.3.5 PTR: New Pet, Pet PVP Achievements, and Uuna

UPDATE: More information on Mailemental can be found here. It's a reward from an achievement that you can earn once you've completed the initial questline. Getting the quest, though.... that could be the trickiest part!


PTR testing has begun! There are three notable updates so far, but I'm sure we'll see more as future PTR builds get implemented.

New Pet
First and foremost, new pet! Mailemental, likely inspired by a suggestion made on the Bnet Pet Battle forums. Fun "postal service" themed abilities! The pet is even holding an envelope lol :D

Currently the Pet Journal doesn't list how we'll obtain this pet. But according to datamined files, it looks like we might have to complete a questline that has us delivering mail around Azeroth...? It's unknown how we'll even get the quest though.

This comment may shed some light, as it implies there might be a breadcrumb prerequisite. The catch? It might have limited spawns in Dalaran. We'll have to wait and see.

My biggest hope is that the Mailemental will have an interaction that allows us to use it as a temporary mailbox, similar to the upgraded Argent Squire hehe. :P

New Pet PVP Achievements
Jodmos from the WarcraftPets forum discovered a new set of Pet PVP challenges, à la Family Familiar/Fighter.

Each achievement requires 10 queued PVP Pet Battle wins with a team of all level 25 pets from the same family. 10 achievements total, and the meta-achievement awards a nifty new tabard, Master Trainer's Tabard.

Personally, I'm glad it doesn't reward a new pet. But instead provides something new to strive for for pet PVP enthusiasts and a cosmetic reward for their efforts. It helps keep Pet Battles PVP optional for *PET* collectors, but still adds some content for those that do choose to enjoy that aspect of pets.

Uuna's Continuation Story?
Some datamined dialogue involving Uuna was discovered in the PTR files.

For those unaware, Uuna's backstory is that she died on Argus yet her soul was infused into an Ur'zul. When you "collect" her (or adopt), you're liberating her spirit from that monster.

In 7.3.5 we might see a continuation of Uuna's journey, although it's unclear when, where or how. Wowhead Site Director Perculia speculates that it might be related or part of the new allied race Lightforged Draenei questline.

Will we be able to help Uuna's spirit find peace? What happens if we do? Does she leave us forever? It's still early on in the testing phase, so we'll have to wait and see.

As always, everything above is subject to change and nothing is guaranteed to make it to live from the PTR.

I'm so excited to learn more! :)

UPDATE: Some ominous sounding Tweets from Developer Jeremy Feasel... the future may not be bright for Uuna...

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