Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thoughts On New Winter Veil Pet - Globe Yeti

Feast of Winter Veil has begun! There's a new pet to collect, the Globe Yeti. And what would a new pet be without its own controversial implementation?

Unlike the other Winter Veil pets, the Globe Yeti is a wild pet that has a somewhat unique spawn. It can only pop up within the giant snow globe in Ironforge and Orgrimmar during Winter Veil.

Despite being a wild pet, it doesn't appear as such on the mini-map, so catching it spawn will take a little more effort. I highly recommend making a macro to /tar Globe Yeti and then keybinding the "Interact With Target" function. This way you can quickly target and engage one in battle once it pops up.

On top of those things (and here's the kicker), only ONE spawns every ~30 minutes or so, making this 'first come, first serve' capture frustrating for some collectors. It's literally a race to see who can click and/or interact the fastest, not to mention additional competition due to connected/sharded realms (excluding RP realms; finding a low population RP server might be your best bet).

It's a pretty straight forward capture for some, and a less than enjoyable experience for others. Some collectors may not have time to camp the area, while others might not be lucky/quick enough to nab the Globe Yeti as it spawns.

I should also mention that I haven't seen it happen firsthand, but there's some concern that non-pet battlers are trolling by killing this wild pet as it pops up. If the Globe Yeti can be targeted and killed by player spells and abilities, that needs to be changed ASAP. With its limited spawning, it would be devastating to see one die because of another player deciding to AOE the area.

The in-game holiday event lasts for a little over 2 weeks, so hopefully there's enough time for everyone to collect a Globe Yeti of their own. But even so, it doesn't feel very good or festive to stress about collecting this battle pet before the event ends.

Personally, I think this spawn mechanic is interesting but could use some adjustments to make it less punishing for collectors. Especially since this is a limited-time pet.

I'd love to see the number of spawns increase incrementally as the event goes on, so by the end of Winter Veil there are multiple Globe Yetis up for collectors who are either unlucky or have time constraints. That or perhaps a reduced spawn timer.

I absolutely hope those looking to collect the Globe Yeti will be able to this year. Waiting an entire year for more to spawn is brutal. Granted, it could be worse. The Yeti could be depending on RNG *shudders*... so I'm certainly thankful that that's not the case.

There are a couple of things one can do to increase chances of collecting this pet.
1. Create a character on a low population, RP realm.

2. Make a /tar macro and use a keybind for the "Interact With Target" function.

I, and I'm sure many others, wouldn't mind if Blizzard gave a helping hand to spread the love a bit more though. 'Tis the season for giving and sharing, right? What better way to celebrate that than to ensure a fair and even distribution of this fun new companion? :)


  1. All wild pets can be killed by AoE spells. So yes, the griefing is real.

    1. @BigFire: There are a few wild pets that developers have made immune to AOE and player attacks (IIRC Shadow Sporebat was one of them back in the day). So all we can do is hope devs had the presence of mind to make the Globe Yeti immune as well. And if not already, to change them to ignore player spells.


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