Tuesday, November 6, 2018

How to Prepare For Patch 8.1 Pet Collecting

Things to do to prep for 8.1 (coming week of December 11):

  • lvl a toon with Engineering skill of at least 125 (new crafted pet)
  • grind to Exalted on a toon (or all toons?) for Proudmoore Admiralty (A), Order of Embers (A), Talanji's Expedition (H), and Storm's Wake (A) reputations (paragon cache dropped pets)
  • save all/any reputation-granting items/quests for the reputations listed above
  • save up at least 500 dubloons (2 new known vendor pets + 1 new pet toy)

Things to do to prep for post-8.1 content:

  • lvl a toon to 120 + Enchanting skill of at least 125 (new crafted pet, recipe drops off of King Rastakhan encounter (#6) in upcoming Battle of Dazar'alor raid, unsure if from all difficulties)

All of the above can be disregarded if you have lots of gold and/or are planning on trading for some of the new battle pets. Pets related to the above are all cageable.

Did I miss anything? Please let me know!

These are the main things pet collectors can start working on now. I'll update this list if anything else pops up or comes to mind.


Overview of 8.1 Pet Battle content (available immediately after patch-release):

Breakdown of sources for upcoming new pets:

  • 7 vendor pets (all require unique currency, not gold)
  • 2 achievement pets
  • 2 profession pets (Enchanted Tiki Mask won't be available until Battle of Dazar'alor raid)
  • 1 wild pet
  • 1 quest reward pets
  • 29 dropped pets
    - 4 from paragon caches
    - 8 from Darkshore Warfront
    - 10 from Island Expeditions
    - 4 from misc new rare mobs
    - 3 raid drops (unavailable until Battle of Dazar'alor raid)


  1. I don't know if this counts as spoiler-y, but I've been buffing up my Elemental and Aquatic rosters, in preparation for the Gnomeregan dungeon.

    In particular, the dungeon has a lot of mechanicals as backline pets -- experimenting on the PTR, pets with the Immolate / Conflagrate / Burn moveset have been nice for the trash mechanicals.

    Two pets in particular that are easy to get in this area: Fel Flame (from Outland SMV) and the Harbinger of Flame, a dungeon drop that's probably under 20 gold on any populated server.

    - Sluggo

  2. This is exactly what I was wondering about so I can be prepared for 8.1. Thank you!


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