Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon - Pets Used For Each Encounter

I'm pretty much done collecting the Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon pets, but I wanted to leave this here for future reference in case I decide to go back.

Pets I use for Gnomeregan Pet Dungeon:
  1. First encounter - Felclaw Marsuul, Fire Beetle, Crispin
  2. Ice elemental encounter - Lead with Shimmershell Snail
  3. Poison elemental encounter - Lead with Abyssal Eel
  4. Fire elemental encounter - Lead with Rusty Snail
  5. Console encounter - Scooter the Snail (Shell Shield), Silkbead Snail (Acidic Goo), Lost Platysaur
  6. Rat encounter - Lead with Barrier Hermit (P/S)
  7. Cockroach encounter - Lead with Saurolisk Hatchling
  8. Undead Rat “boss” - Elusive Skimmer, Infected Squirrel, Whiskers the Rat
  9. Mechanical wolf encounter - Lead with Enchanted Cauldron
  10. Mechanostrider encounter - Lead with Gooey Sha-ling
  11. Mehcanical tiger encounter - Lead with Orphaned Felbat
  12. Last boss - Servant of Demidos, Tinytron, Spawn of G’nathus (or any pet with Lightning Shield, Fire Shield, or Heat Up)

For enemy backline pets, follow a general rule of thumb:
  • Mechanical with the “turret” attack - use a pet with a ‘thorns-type’ ability (Lightning Shield, Heat Up, etc.), preferably not an Elemental pet
  • All other mechanical pets - use any pet with elemental attacks
  • Undead - use Aquatics with critter attacks (or Dust Bunny (P/S))
  • Critter - use any hard hitting Beast attacks do the trick (Fel Piglet and Thaumaturgical Piglet)

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