Sunday, July 7, 2019

8.2 Non-Wild Pet Colors

In addition to the 8.2 wild pets coming in multiple colors, many of the non-wild pets also have a number of skins.

Here's a quick list. No images. I'm not sure if there will be more pets added to this list, and I won't be able to check until I've collected the pet. So just a list for now.

Amethyst Softshell - 2 skins
  • round shell
  • spiky shell

Bonebiter - 2 skins
  • red-orange and black
  • yellow and black

Burnout - 3 skins (appearance-changer upon summon)
  • two arms
  • two arms and embedded arrows
  • one arm

Glittering Diamondshell - 5 skins
  • grey w/blue eyes
  • pink w/blue eyes
  • dark grey w/red eyes
  • dark grey w/yellow eyes
  • dark grey w/green eyes

Microbot XD - 2 skins
  • silver w/copper gears, red head light
  • silver w/copper gears, blue eyes

OOX-35/MG - 4 skins
  • yellow w/light brown accents, yellow eyes
  • grey w/green accents, green eyes
  • copper w/grey accents, white eyes
  • grey w/copper accents, brown eyes

Prismatic Softshell - 2 skins
  • round shell
  • spiky shell

Scalebrood Hydra - 3 skins
  • purple w/white belly
  • dark grey w/white belly
  • white w/white belly

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