Friday, December 20, 2019

Quint's 2019 Giveaway

Giveaway time! It's my first Twitter Giveaway, so forgive me if I goof on anything.

Choice of a prize:

  • One(1) Dottie battle pet

How to enter:
- Retweet my giveaway Tweet; liking is optional but appreciated

- Must be following my Twitter account prior to December 19, 2019 (those that enter but follow me after this date will not be eligible)

- US-region (because, as I understand it, Blizzard made digital goods region-locked)

Ends December 28, 2019, at which point one winner will be randomly chosen, and then announced and notified. They will have until December 30, 2019 to get in contact with me to claim the prize, or they'll forfeit it and a new winner will be selected.

GL! :)

WINNER: @thewayitis35


After how many years of playing WoW and now I'm doing my first Twitter giveaway? Geeze. Right?

This is more of a test run than anything. I *might* be hitting a 10 year milestone for volunteering at WarcraftPets some time next year...and I *might* want to giveaway something (bigger? better? we'll see) to celebrate. If this giveaway goes smoothly then it's more likely I'll do something next year. ;)

Why only Twitter followers before X date? I wanted to prioritize those that have followed and supported me throughout the years. Making it "follower-only" gives them priority over randoms that just want free stuff but never really gave a damn about the content and random stuff I like/create/share. Think of it as a personal 'thank you' from me.

(Disclaimer: This giveaway and any potential giveaway next year is hosted/run by me; WarcraftPets has no involvement/is not affiliated. Although...if it weren't for WCP picking me up as a volunteer all those years ago, I probably wouldn't be doing any giveaways, so there's that haha.)

Anyway, I'll be double checking entrants to make sure they qualify. As of December 19, 2019 I have 1088 followers, with the most recent ones on top.

IF I have a 10 year giveaway next year I'll likely have the same requirements, and only those following prior to a specified date will be eligible. Haven't decided on a date yet. We'll see.

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