Friday, January 10, 2020

Patch 8.3 - Invasion Rares For Pets

Update: Added info on the Amalgamation of Flesh and Wicked Lurker drop. Thanks to @WayneGWoods for the heads up!


Notes for myself to keep track of which rares are important in Patch 8.3. See below for approximate locations of rare mobs that spawn during specific invasions and have a chance to drop a battle pet.

There are 3 separate invasions for each zone (only one up for each zone at a time). I'm not 100% sure that the listed invasion *must* be active for these rares to spawn, but it would only make sense.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms, during a Black Empire invasion
1 = The Forgotten (drops K'uddly)
2 = Will of N'Zoth (drops Corrupted Tentacle)
Amalgamation of Flesh - unknown location, spawns during Black Empire invasion (drops Wicked Lurker)

Uldum, during an Aqir invasion
1 = Lord Aj'qirai (drops Rotbreath)
2 = Skikx'traz (drops Aqir Tunneler)

Not pictured: Uldum, during a Black Empire invasion
Amalgamation of Flesh - spawns during Black Empire Uldum invasion, requires the Pyre of the Amalgamated One bonus objective to be active for the rare to spawn (drops Wicked Lurker)

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