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Shadowlands: Pets From Necrolord Abomination Factory, Kyrian Path of Ascension, & Venthyr The Ember Court

Just to round out my Covenant guides, I'm making this post to briefly explain the way the other 3 Covenants work for the 8 shared battle pets. Night Fae guide can be found here. Other Covenant-specific-earned and/or crafted pets won't be mentioned.

As a disclaimer, I'm combining these 3 into one post because Necrolord is straight forward, and I didn't test Kyrian and Venthyr much because of how annoying the testing experience was for that content on Beta. Night Fae had a lot of help in the way of testing - NPCs, vendors, abilities to skip time, etc. Meanwhile, Kyrian and Venthyr did not. These won't be very detailed sections, I'm afraid.

If there's anything I've missed or is incorrect, please let me know, thanks!

Necrolord: Covenant (Sanctum) Feature

The Covenant (or Sanctum) Feature for Necrolord that yields these pets is called The Abomination Factory. Think of it as a "talent" for your hall/sanctum, and it can be upgraded multiple times. Each Tier upgrade unlocks additional content and provides bonuses.

Once unlocked, you'll gain access to an area near your Covenant Sanctum that's essentially a crafting area specifically for making abominations or other related items/objects. Why make aboms? There are souls that are in need of bodies, so what better way than to stitch something up for them! Don't worry, they're not too picky ;-)

Each upgrade to this feature will add more quests, dailies, and recipes to your abom crafting table. Dailies are especially important as I think these are the main way you'll earn Stitchmasters reputation, something that's necessary to buy the 8 pets.

How To

After pledging yourself to the Necrolord Covenant and unlocking your Covenant ability, you'll find a quest called Rebellious Souls. This starts a quest chain to unlock The Abomination Factory feature. You can check out Wowhead's guide for a full walk-through and details.

Once you've completed the quest chain, you'll have the base Abomination Factory and crafting table. Limited recipes and quests, but those will increase as you upgrade this Sanctum Feature.

At Tier 1, you should be able to craft Atticus already. He's the vendor that will ultimately have the 8 shared pets for sale. In fact, IIRC, you can craft him at the very end of the initial unlock quest chain (quest: May I Take Your Order).

To craft Atticus you'll need Malleable Flesh. During the quest chain you'll meet Chordy, a smaller abom, that can help you find treasure and occasionally Malleable Flesh. I found that this reagent drops more from beast than humanoid mobs.

After Atticus is crafted, you'll need to complete other Abom Factory quests and dailies to earn Stitchmasters rep. This is a reason to continue upgrading your Abomination Factory and crafting other NPCs, as more will be unlocked.

Earn at least Honored with Stitchmasters and you'll be part-way to buying your pets! Only thing left to do is to earn the 1k Reservoir Anima for each pet (8k total if you're only obtaining pets as Necrolord).

The issue with this is that Reservoir Anima is also used for other important activities, including upgrading your Abomination Factory, in Shadowlands. You'll have to decide what to prioritize spending your anima on.

But that's about it.

1. Quest chain to unlock Abomination Factory feature (Tier 1)
2. Get Malleable Flesh and craft Atticus
3. Do Abom Factory quests and dailies for Sitchmasters rep (Honored)
4. Collect enough Reservoir Anima (1k each pet)
5. Buy 8 pets!


Kyrian: Covenant (Sanctum) Feature

The Covenant (or Sanctum) Feature for Kyrian that yields these pets is called the Path of Ascension.

It's a sort of coliseum-arena-gladiator-ish type of content. Fight increasingly difficult NPCs and bosses to earn glory and unlock rewards! Including pets!

One thing to note is that although there are 8 shared pets across the 4 Covenants, the Path of Ascension vendor is missing 3 of them. So at Tier 1 there are only 5 available, plus one Kyrian-exclusive-vendor pet. Upgrading to higher tiers of this feature doesn't seem to add them to the vendor.

It's possible the missing 3 are special and need to be unlocked by participating further in the Sanctum Feature.

All the pets from this vendor cost Polished Pet Charms, a great alternative to Reservoir Anima. But before you can purchase the pets you'll have to earn specific achievements from the Path of Ascension.

I have no idea how difficult it is to earn these achievements. Nor do I know how difficult the Path of Ascension encounters are. Some achievements might require upgrading this feature to higher Tiers. There are a lot of unknowns, so I'll have to end the Kyrian section here.

1. Path of Ascension (Tier 1)
2. Earn achievements from Path of Ascension content
3. ??
4. Buy 5 (8?) pets! (250 Polished Pet Charms each)


Venthyr: Covenant (Sanctum) Feature

The Covenant (or Sanctum) Feature for Venthyr that yields these pets is called The Ember Court.

This feature puts you inside a scenario where you must host a party for notable NPCs. Overall goal is to make specific guests happy. You'll learn while speaking with them what they like or don't like. Maybe they want you to smash plates and cause chaos during the gathering. Or maybe they just want a nice hot cup of tea and pleasant banter. Please them enough and they'll leave you a Tribute Chest that contains rewards (pets?!).

During early Beta builds, the 8 shared Covenant pets were listed as from "Rendle and Cudgelface's tribute chest". If this is still true, you'll need to upgrade The Ember Court feature to at least Tier 3. Only at this point will you get the option to invite Rendle and Cudgelface to your party (weekly quest).

The problem with inviting them is that you'll need 1 of the following crafted items:

These are crafted with various professions, however the recipes seem to be world and/or obscure drops, last I checked. Initially, there will probably be limited supply of these items, making it difficult to invite the NPCs.

If the 8 shared pets can drop from other Tribute chests (these chests have loot tables tied to each NPC, from what I understand), perhaps it won't be as bad. Of course, that could also mean needing to upgrade this feature even higher to gain access to more NPCs.

Again, I'm just not sure about the details for this Sanctum Feature.

TL; DR -
1. Upgrade The Ember Court (Tier 3)
2. Invite Rendle and Cudgelface (weekly quest, need 1 of the listed items) to your party
3. Show them a good time
4. Chance for pet drops from their Tribute Chest


List of 8 Shared Covenant Pets

All of the following pets can be obtained from any of the four Covenants.

They can be caged and don't require any specific Covenant membership to summon/use in battle.

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