Thursday, December 10, 2020

Shadowlands: Calling and WQ Dependent Battle Pets

 List of Shadowlands battle pets that depend on certain active Calling(s) or WQs.

Note that even if you complete the Calling or WQ, it can still be active for other people. Callings last for 2-3 days, so treasure chests will "reset" daily, meaning additional chances.

Best way I've found to see what's active, even if I'm not personally on the quest, is Wowhead's "Today in WoW". Lower left shows which Calling is currently active.


➨ Available only during "Do 3 WQs with your Trainee" Calling:

Lucy - drops from Dirty Glinting Object

Notes: This object is "dug up" by the Trainee that you're assigned to for this Calling. There are different named Trainees for each Covenant though, and it's random which one you're given each time. Only one named Trainee per Covenant can find the object for you. If they find one, they'll emote/say something. Your Trainee will stick around with you for the duration of the quest, so DON'T turn it in if you want more time to search for objects.

      • Drippy (Venthyr)
      • Twinklewings (Night Fae)
      • Deos (Kyrian)
      • Dregs (Necrolord)

➨ Available only during "Collect 3 Coins of Brokerage" and "Do WQs, loot treasures, kill rares in X zone" Callings:


Gilded Wader - drops from Silver Strongbox


Skittering Venomspitter - drops from Sprouting Growth

Bubbling Pustule - drops from Slime-Coated Crate


Burdened Soul - drops from Secret Treasure

Trapped Stonefiend - drops from Bleakwood Chest


➨ Available during the A Stolen Stone Fiend WQ (Revendreth):

Dal - After completing the World Quest, speak with Penkle located behind the building to receive a Cage Key. Use the key to unlock the cage next to Penkle and collect this pet.

➨ Available during the Muck It Up WQ (Revendreth):

Primordial Bogling - Drops from the Bog Beast rare that has a chance to spawn during this WQ. If you complete the quest, stick around for the rare.

➨ Honorable mention goes to the Swarming Souls WQ (Revendreth):

Wrathling - Drops from the Manifestation of Wrath rare that has a chance to spawn during this WQ. If you complete the quest, stick around for the rare. HOWEVER this pet can also drop from a normal rare spawn, Prideful Hulk, so it's not exclusive to this WQ.

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