Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4.3 PTR - TCG Pets

Too much new pet news in one day/night? Psh, never! :P

Anyway, the PTR version of Landro is definitely giving up his secrets for the future TCG loots! Unfortunately, I can't preview the actual pets in-game yet. But just as a teaser, the "Throne of the Tides" common loot card is the Purple Puffer (originally thought to be Bloat the Bubble Fish, but that could just be the actual card name and not the in-game pet name). Next is the "Crown of the Heavens" common loot card, the Gregarious Grell. And last but not least, the "Tomb of the Forgotten" common loot card, the Sand Scarab.

While this is all very enticing and exciting news, things could change since it's usually at least a month or two between the release of new TCG expansion decks.

Check out the screenshots behind the jump for the full list of possible loot from the upcoming decks!

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