Saturday, September 17, 2011

Six Pet Package

MMO-Champion is reporting that the WoW magazine is being canceled. To compensate for the abrupt cancellation, Blizzard has emailed magazine subscribers to inform them they can request for either a refund of the remaining balance on their subscription OR they can receive a package of the 6 Blizzard PetStore in-game redeemable companions. There are only two weeks left to submit a request for a monetary refund or pet refund.

The pets that come in the package include:
- Pandaren Monk
- Lil' K.T.
- Lil' XT
- Lil' Ragnaros
- Moonkin Hatchling
- Cenarion Hatchling
Unfortunately, the Gryphon Hatchling and Wind Rider Cub are NOT part of the magazine cancellation compensation. Even if these two aren't included, the rest of the pets are worth $60 altogether!

I'm unsure if they can be gifted, since this is a special pet package for those with remaining magazine subscription time. If you're thinking of choosing this option over the monetary refund with an intention to give the pets away, I would double check that that's possible first. EDIT: Sounds as if it is possible to gift the pets even if it's part of the compensation package. :D

And just as a cautionary measure, be wary of ANY email that claims to be Blizzard offering "free" stuff. MMO-Champion has what I think is the official email being sent to current magazine subscribers, detailing how to request for the refund. Practice safe web browsing for the sake of your WoW account and all of your critter companions!

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