Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Failbags" and Pets

A blue post addressed the increasing frustration over "failbags" (the reward for no loot in LFR).
"The change is still in for the failbags to ... not be fail. They'll have a chance to contain things like very valuable grey items (essentially randomizing the gold you get from the bags), LFR versions of non-boss loot, Spirits of Harmony, consumables, pets and mounts, and... maybe some other stuff I forgot. Lots of things! Opening them should have some anticipation and surprise now. :)" - Bashiok
Note the bolded text. Pets! From the LFR bags! This should give some more reason to complete LFRs each week.

Now the big question is which pets? The older ones that can also drop from the Call to Arms dungeon queue? Or pets that come from the 5.2 raids? Also, which raids? Only the 5.2 raids or all LFR raids?

Personally, I would love to see the 5.2 raid pets also have a chance to drop in the new raid LFR bags and not just on the extra charm roll/trash drop. There are so many of the older pets floating out there these days, and while that's not a bad thing, it does make things pretty bland for the veteran collector.

As Bashiok mentions, looting (a pet) should feel exciting again. Adding all of the older (and more common) companions isn't that thrilling. I'm sure many long-term players have alt banks full of extra versions of these pets. But if the pets in the LFR bag loot table included the new ones, how awesome would that be to loot one? Everyone likes shiny new things, even newcomers.

In any case, it's still good news either way. More ways to get pets! :D

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