Wednesday, February 6, 2013

See What I Did There?

I finally looted the Darkmoon Eye from the DMF daily bag! Honestly, I didn't have much hope of getting it this month, but that didn't stop me from trying each day. Luckily RNG decided to be kind this month, and now I have a shiny new pet. :D

This pet is one of those that I don't mind grinding for. It's availability is limited, but no where near as scarce as holiday pets (used to be). There's a good mix of both RNG, persistence paying off, and player control. Random if you get it, but you can try for one week every month, and if you simply don't want to, the option to purchase or trade it is always there too. There's a way to get this pet that can appeal to almost everyone.

Now comes the hard part... what to name it! I've already heard suggestions for LotR references, but I want something different. Hm, I guess it's time to brainstorm for a bit. :P


  1. I named mine - Orangeyouglad

    1. @Anonymous: Rofl! In the end I named mine Providence heh.


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