Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lesser Charms and Experience From Pet Battles in 5.2

In 5.2 there may be more reason to participate in Pet Battles than just your adoration for mini companions. Mumper announced on Twitter that the chance to receive Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from a PVP and PVE battle has been increased.
"We just bumped the drop rate on lesser charms from pet battles considerably. Its not as fast as daily's, but its certainly an option now."
On top of that, Pet Battles will also reward player experience upon completion. Catalytic on the WarcraftPets forums tested this on the PTR, and determined that it would take about 250+ battles to level up from 85 to 86. The values may have been updated since that initial test, but it's good news for alt-lovers that non-level capped players will also benefit from Pet Battles. In 5.2 you'll be able to enjoy your companions as well as progress your toon at the same time! Yay effiencency. :D

I haven't tested just how many Lesser Charms can drop from a battle yet, but if it's close to being on par with dailies, the drop and droprate shouldn't be too shabby. Perhaps it's time for some PTR tonight after raiding? :P

Edit: They've also added a small buff to Battle-Stones.
"We added a low chance to get the rare battle stone to the LFR and Dungeon Finder loot bags."
The stones, being exceptionally desirable yet fairly uncommon/rare, needed a bit of love, so kudos to this update!


  1. What I think they need to do is make the battle-stones BoA. I use multiple characters for pet battles and have started getting stones I don't need (magic, humanoid and undead mainly)as I only need them for non-wild pets as I caught all those as rare (except the scourged whelp/minfernal, but I had stones with their names on them before I caught them).

    It just is starting to eat up bag space which if they were BoA I could leave them all on one character.

    Another thing would be to have them able to be turned in to a vendor for a currency and the vendor would sell the stones at 2x or 3x currency so you could trade in un-needed stones for ones you do at a bit of a markup.

    Flying, Critter and Beast have sooooo many more non-wild pets than the other groups. I still need over 20 to get beasts sorted and I've had a good few so far.

    1. @Anonymous: I would prefer if the BoP stones were BoA too, but they're not without their uses as BoP. If I have extra that I don't need, I ask some guildmates if they have any cage-able pets (of the stone type) that need upgrading. They cage them, trade me, I learn it, upgrade it for them, and then trade it back. I'd prefer to save them for my own future pets, but I'm in the "no bag space" boat. :(

      I would love to see a battle-stone exchange vendor, though!


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