Thursday, December 19, 2013

Notable 2013 Holiday Stuff

Things of note this holiday season:

- The first day of winter for the Northern Hemisphere starts December 21, 2013. This means the Snowy Owl will begin spawning in Winterspring, so if you have yet to capture one, park an alt or two out there and get ready for the hunt!

- WarcraftPets is having a holiday giveaway!
Two Murkablos (courtesy of Doobjanka) will be randomly awarded to users that post their festive pet idea in the thread. Be sure to read through the guidelines so you don't get disqualified. Entries must be made before Tuesday, December 24, 2013. Good luck to all, and there are some awesome ideas that I would love to see implemented in the future. *hint hint Blizzard* :P

- The release date for D3: Reaper of Souls was finally announced! March 25, 2014 is when the game will officially be out. :D
Unlike the previous D3 release, this one doesn't seem to have a Collector's Edition tied to it. Instead there's the Standard Digital Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition. The latter is I guess the replacement for a CE, as it comes with all the bonuses and goodies as a CE would. So if you're looking to collect the Treasure Goblin companion, you'll want to order the Digital Deluxe Edition. NOTE: Bonuses to be sent out once Reaper of Souls is officially released, however some items may arrive earlier than anticipated. Just watch your mailboxes.

- Wowhead is giving away 15 Moonkin Hatchlings to celebrate their new website feature.
Simply comment on the giveaway page with a link to your favorite in-game sound effect or music. Contest ends Monday, December 23rd so don't delay in entering.

I'm sure there's more that I'm missing, so I'll add more to the list as I remember/come across them. Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone! Stay warm (or cool) and give your pets some extra biscuits and hugs. :)

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