Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rotten Little Helper Speculation

The Feast of Winter Veil will be starting in 8 days, and you know what that means.. A new pet, the Rotten Little Helper!

It's still unknown where this pet will come from, but there are two likely sources so far:
A drop from the Stolen Present (reward from completing the daily quest to kill a holiday world boss)


A drop from one of the presents under the holiday tree in Ironforge and Orgrimmar.
Now, you may be wondering, why does it matter where it comes from so long as we can just get it eventually? What matters here is time. IF the pet is a drop from the daily quest, we'll be able to make attempts for it the very first day of Winter Veil (December 16). Not only that, but we'll also be able to make efficient use of our limited time to get the pet, and make as many attempts each day as possible. Plus those that may not have as much time to spend each day can also prioritize the Winter Veil daily. But that's only if that's how we'll receive the pet.

IF the pet drops from one of the presents from under the tree, we'll have to wait a bit longer for it. The presents become lootable starting December 25 (generally in the morning, not at daily reset).

So what do we know that could help us determine where the Rotten Little Helper will come from? Well.. not much. It doesn't help that the Pet Journal is very general in describing the pet's source, "World Event: Feast of Winter Veil." The description of the pet does mention these evil Winter Helpers joining up with the Abominable Greench, though, and that's the holiday world boss that we must kill for the daily. Keep in mind that the description doesn't always mean anything or give hints. Most of the time it's just flavor text.

We're kind of still left in the dark, and unsure of where to start with this pet. Do we try for the daily or simply wait until the 25th of this month? Both?

My personal guess is that it will be a drop from under the holiday tree. Why? The pet is Bind on Use which would fall in line with the other present-dropped pets. Generally, the holiday world boss-dropped pets are Bind on Pick Up (to make them extra unique/special?). Examples are Toxic Wasteling, Frigid Frostling and Lumpy - all of which can only be obtained from a daily reward bag. But that isn't to say that Blizzard will NEVER add a BoU holiday boss-dropped pet. It's entirely possible, but for me, unlikely.

It was pointed out to me that the new Winter Veil achievement implies that we'll be receiving a new toy from the presents this year, which may mean that there's no room for a new pet under the tree...

But! Who's to say that the current present that has a chance to drop 1 out of 4 BoU pets can't include another (new) pet? It's entirely possible that the Gaily Wrapped Present had its loot table extended by one, so instead of only 1 out of 4 maybe it will be 1 out of 5 pets this year.

Despite my arguments (and evidence?) that the Rotten Little Helper will come from under the tree this year, we won't know for sure until the holiday starts. Even if in the end the pet doesn't drop from the daily, I would still complete the quest every day just in case. Besides, there's a chance for Lumpy from that goodie bag. :P

What I DO know for sure is that I can't wait for a new pet! :3


  1. I've also been wondering where this pet will come from. My original assumption was that it was from the Gaily Wrapped Present under the tree, seeing as that's what Warcraftpets currently has listed. However, the summoning item being rare quality and having an item level of 20 (the same as Lump of Coal), rather than common and item level 1 (like the other pets from the gifts) implies it may be from the daily quest.

    1. @Epiktetos: I completely forgot about the item level of the pet itself! That does make it seem like it could come from the daily instead of the gifts under the tree.

      However, the Gaily Wrapper Present also requires level 20 to open, so it may just be a reflection of that (despite the previous pets from the same gift having only an item level of 1).

  2. Please or please don't let it be another Lump of Coal. I never did get it to drop. After farming for two years on three or four toons I finally got it when a friend who doesn't care about pet got it the one time he did the Winter Veil

  3. I can confirm it drops from the Greench daily quest. I got it this morning, when it is learnt the pet is of uncommon rarity.


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