Monday, December 16, 2013

Rotten Little Helper Available Now!

Today's the first day of Winter Veil and guess what? Apparently the Rotten Little Helper drops from the holiday world boss daily quest as well as the gift under the tree (the drop from under the tree has yet to be confirmed since it can only be looted starting on the 25th)!

I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug, as the official Blizzard guide to Winter Veil doesn't mention it dropping from the daily quest. At the moment it only lists the Rotten Little Helper as a drop from the Gaily Wrapped Present, but it could simply be an error in the blog post and not the game.

That being said, hopefully this isn't a bug and no changes will be made because this means more chances for this pet during the holiday event. More chances is always better when it comes to pets that are only available for a limited amount of time per year in my opinion. It also means players don't have to wait until the 25th of this month, and can choose to spend time (or not) attempting for the pet.

If this was indeed intended, I think this will be the first holiday boss dropped pet that's not Bind on Pick Up. It's not a good or bad thing, just a note of a change. :P

Anyway, the pet item is blue in quality but the pet, when learned, is uncommon so you'll need a Humanoid stone to upgrade it. It's BoE and cageable, so it's possible to trade, sell or gift to friends/family. What an interesting gift, though. A grumpy little helper. It goes well with the Lump of Coal? XD

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  1. Blizzard's official guide at the moment is a little misleading. It currently says 'This greenish companion can be found as a present under the Winter’s Veil tree, wrapped in a Stolen Present.' The Stolen Present being the item from the daily quest.


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