Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Critters Love Druids

I decided to play around with the Glyph of Charm Woodland Creature on my druid, and try to find some unique/interesting pets to "tame". They don't turn into permanent vanity pets, but they will follow you around for an hour. You can have an actual pet and one of these critter followers out at the same time (yay).

Browsing through the list of critters on Wowhead, I only chose ones that either didn't exist as a pet already or had a special look/color. There weren't too many options, as many of the wandering critters in the world have actually made it into our Pet Journals as captured wild pets. Still, glad there were some to play around with. The only downside is that these pets won't follow you if you hearth, zone out of the instance, or any action that causes a loading screen to pop up. :(

Anyway, to the critter followers! The glowy purple thing above their head is the result of the Charm Woodland Creature ability.

Sidenote: I didn't include any of the mice, rabbits, or prairie dogs located on the cliff near Thunder Bluff because those have been covered already. You can charm them, though, and they'll retain their armor and weapons. It just sucks if you're alliance because you have no where to go; if you hearth your critter follower will disappear. :\

Sewer Crocolisk - We have baby crocolisks already, like Toothy, but this croco is grown up yet still tiny. :)

Tame Crag Boar - I'm not a huge fan of the boar model (the flaming/undead ones look pretty cool though), but I wouldn't pass up on an actual baby boar pet. :P

Cinderslither Snake - It's just a simple snake... except ITS HEAD IS ON FIRE.

Kindleworm - It has teeth! I guess you could think of it as a savage version of Mr. Grubbs?

Highlands Clucker - Ever since Cataclysm was released, I've wanted one of these whacky looking critters. Reminds me of a rubber chicken lol.

Crab Hatchling - I know we already have the Spineclaw Crab, but this critter is unique because it comes in 3 different colors. Couldn't resist!

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