Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yes, You Can Haz Treat Now

I caved. Meet Fushi, my Lucky Quilen Cub. He's a bit derp but I still find him adorable lol.

In the end I decided to go ahead and purchase the MoP Digital Deluxe before it went away for good. Thankfully I had an old gift card lying around. It was quite the hassle registering a name and address so I could make online purchases, though. I guess this little cub was worth it? XD

This pet is the first WoW CE pet in my collection, and it won't be the last. Of course I'm limiting myself to Digital Deluxes ONLY. If I didn't, I'd probably go nuts trying to collect them all and then feel miserable because I realistically can't. It's the reason I've avoided the CE pets for so long. Since I can't have them all, I might as well save myself the heartache and aim for none. But I guess Digital Deluxes are the exception now heh. :P

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