Saturday, March 8, 2014

Possible Pet Teaser: Mini Iron Star?

LeCraft's at it again on Twitter. Teasing us with pets that may or may not actually be waiting for us in WoD. I love it lol.

This time it's a screenshot of a "miniature Iron Star" next to worgen feet.

"Engineers have figured out how to miniaturize the Iron Star into a battle pet?! What should we call it?"

For those that don't raid, the Iron Star is literally a giant, iron, fiery rolling ball (of death) that appears during the Garrosh Hellscream encounter in Siege of Orgimmar. If you touch it on normal or heroic, you're guaranteed to explode on the spot and die (unless you have an ability that allows you to cheat death). It might be the same on LFR and Flex, or those versions of the raid could be a little more forgiving. I haven't really participated in LFR or Flex all that much so I can't comment on the potency of the ball there. The Iron Star is completely avoidable, but it's pretty hilarious to see a katamari-like ball steamroll over players who are unaware of the simple mechanic. Except when you've been wiping to it for the past 3 hours, but I digress heh.

Anyway, if this is indeed a real pet coming in WoD, I have to wonder why such a late implementation? Wouldn't it make more sense if the pet was released now when the content it's based on is relevant? Or is this meant to be a new pet added to SoO a la Raiding With Leashes? Is LeCraft just trolling us and this pet is just a whimsical idea?

We'll have to see once WoD or even WoD beta comes out. For the time being, though, I'm loving some of the name suggestions in response to the Tweet. My favorites so far: Iron Starlette and Lil' Wrecking Ball. The latter being very fitting in name and in flavor text; I do love me some pop culture references in WoW!

Lastly, if this really does become a pet... can I finally get an actual mini-katamari ball to go along with the Iron Star? Please? Two balls are better than one right? :P

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