Saturday, June 14, 2014

This Past Week In Pet Stuff

I recently received some bad news about a guildmate passing away, so these past couple of days have been tough. However, some interesting pet tid-bits have popped up that are worth mentioning.
- Someone found an adorable critter in the WoD alpha, a Vent Scuttler. It looks like it uses the same model as Fankriss the Unyielding, a boss in AQ40, just sized down. Hopefully this little guy will be turned into a wild pet that we can capture in Draenor -- I think it qualifies as a pretty SAVAGE looking bug. :P

- The Disgusting Oozeling proves yet again that while its debuff aura might not be desirable, the aesthetic effects are. Try taking out your oozeling while mounted on Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, and it will look a lot like Yu'lon. Other mounts look pretty neat too so experiment pairing the oozeling with others.

- For those that have yet to get lucky doing the fishing dailies, El of El's Extreme Anglin' Tweeted that the Strand Crawler will be available in WoD from your garrison.
"WoD: Strand Crawler is a possible reward from the Garrison Fishing Shack daily."
- Changes were made to how players can collect Bloody Coins, making gathering enough currency to purchase the Vengeful Porcupette somewhat easier. The Censer of Eternal Agony was actually nerfed, but the Fire-Watcher's Oath was buffed and is much easier to obtain. We'll see how this affects the supply of porcupettes in the Auction House in the future when the Timeless Isle is all but abandoned.

- Last but not least, a small tribute to my guildmate. Your spirit will forever live on, my druid-tree-bear-kitty friend. You'll be missed dearly.

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