Thursday, June 26, 2014

WoD Alpha: Reinstallation Sucks and Some New Stuff

New alpha build but it looks like I need to reinstall the entire thing so I haven't been able to check out the Pet Journal for updates. Damn you error #0! Tried clearing Cache and WTF, but that just led to being unable to even authenticate the alpha. Ran out of ideas and patience so bleh, reinstalling. If this doesn't fix it, I might need to just wait until the next patch to load into the game.

Anyway, Wowhead has some nifty additions from this latest patch. New pets and the Elekk Plushie achievements that were previewed last week.
- Spectral Bell which summons a Ghastly Kid

- New pets that are possibly wild: Gnawtooth Rat, Leatherhide Runt, Mud Jumper

- Wowhead is showing the sproutling pets with the same model as those little vicious flower creatures (Sassy Sproutling below), each one using a different color scheme

- The two Elekk Plushie achievements: An Awfully Big Adventure and Overstuffed
Once I'm able to load into the alpha, I'll update this post with any additional details I find in the Pet Journal.

Update: The sproutling pets were added to the pet journal but are only listed as a drop from Draenor for now. They do indeed use the SAVAGE flower creature model (yay!) And only the Leatherhide Runt and Mud Jumper are in the journal as wild pets. Not sure where the Gnawtooth Rat comes in (if at all). No other updates to the journal that I can see.

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