Saturday, June 21, 2014

WoD Alpha: More Pets!

The alpha is down for the weekend (so devs can address a bug or two), but I managed to hop on for a few moments before it went down.

Wowhead datamined 7 new pets and the item that teaches the Weebomination pet was finally added.
Autumnal Sproutling - Bind on Use

Forest Sproutling - Bind on Use

Kelp Sproutling - Bind on Use

Nightshade Sproutling - Bind on Use

Sassy Sproutling - Bind on Use

Sun Sproutling - Bind on Use

Zomstrok - Bind on Pick Up

Only the Zomstrok pet was added to the pet journal and it resembles a Bogstrok. The flavor text is especially interesting, "Zomstrok is evil incarnate, the unholy mistake of someone maddened by isolation, a creation that could not be undone." Although it's a humanoid lobster-esque type of creature, this pet is currently Undead with multiple undead abilities. Work in progress? Or will this be an interesting pet from an interesting drop? We'll see.

I can't wait to see what the sproutling pets will look like, so hopefully they will get added to the pet journal soonish. :D

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