Friday, July 25, 2014

WoD Beta: "Cower before my true form."

Update: No new additional pets were in the Pet Journal, however there was info on where each of the new datamined pets will come from. The Spring Bouquet was also added.
- Mystical Spring Bouquet - World Event: Noblegarden (costs 100 chocolates); not tradeable
Another pet was datamined but it wasn't included in the Pet Journal this time around, Limbflayer.

I'm glad to see that the in-game holidays are getting some love. New pets! And archaeology will have at least 2 new pets to work on.

The Safari Hat was removed from the Toy Box, but thankfully it will continue to function in the same way. On use it will apply the experience gain buff rather than swap out your helm. SUPER YAY!


A new patch was released for the beta, unfortunately there was a power outage in the Blizzard HQ area which prevented Blizzard from completing the patching process. Beta realms are still down even now but will hopefully be back up some time today.

Until then, we only have datamined information on the new additions. I'm waiting for the servers come back up, then I'll be able to check the Pet Journal for new pets.

So far 7 new pets have been datamined.
[image not available, bugged in the Pet Journal]
- Cursed Birman - World Event: Hallow's End (costs 150 candies)

- Netherpsawn, Spawn of Netherspawn - Drop: Netherspawn

[image not available, bugged in the Pet Journal]
- Widget the Departed - World Event: Hallow's End (costs 150 candies)

- Ancient Nest Guardian - Profession: Archaeology

- Frostwolf Ghostpup - Profession: Archaeology

- Blazing Cindercrawler - World Event: Midsummer Fire Festival (costs 350 blossoms)

- Stout Alemental - World Event: Brewfest (costs 200 brewfest coins)
It looks like we might get to collect one of those adorable little frostwolf pups! I'm pretty excited about that, although this does mean I'll need to level a horde toon to 90 start up archaeology again (fixed :P). Meep. Worth it, though. :)

I'm not sure what to think of the other new pets. I'll have a better idea of what to expect if/when I see a preview of them in the Pet Journal. There might also be extra details on where they will come from. Hurry up beta realms, come back online soon so I can check the journal! :P

The Perky Pug got some more love, in the form of a new vanity costume, "Yipp-Saron" Costume. I absolutely cannot wait to see what this looks like on my pug. I'm a huge fan of Yogg-saron (yay Lovecraft references), so a pet with an outfit to mimic one of my favorite antagonists is right up my alley. To quote someone from Wowhead (and this sums it up really nicely), "In his doghouse, he sleeps waiting." LOL XD

Once the servers come online, I'll add any other new pets that I find in the Pet Journal.

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