Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WoD Beta: Five New Pets

New beta patch, new pets!
- Elekk Calf: Quest reward ("Awesome Quest")
- Meadowstomper Calfling: Unknown (BoP)
- Moonshell Crab: Wild (Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor)
- Ravager Spawnling: Unknown Draenor drop (BoP)
- Sea Calf: Fishing (BoP)

Not much else has changed that I've noticed.

There's an actual recipe to teach tailors how to craft the Elekk Plushie, so it might not be taught by the trainer.

Additionally, there are two new tailor-crafted items that MIGHT be pets, but it's hard to say right now. Creeping Carpet and Miniature Flying Carpet, both WIPs considering their unfinished tooltips and (NYI) recipes. We'll see what these turn out to be once they've been properly completed/implemented.

If anyone spots any new things or changes, I'd love to know!

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