Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Beta Testers: Do You Have Any of These Pets?

I've started the process of adding the WoD pets into new pet profiles on WarcraftPets, but I'm missing some pets on the beta so my data is incomplete.

If you're on the beta and have any of the pets listed below, please get in contact with me either through Twitter, in this forum thread, a comment on this blog post, or a message on WarcraftPets. You can also mail/whisper Quintessence in-game on the PVE realms (leveling and the 100 premade server).
Albino River Calf
Ancient Nest Guardian
Bone Wasp
Deathwatch Hatchling
Eye of Observation
Forest Sproutling
Frostwolf Ghostpup
Land Shark
Lanticore Spawnling
Lil' Leftovers
Nightshade Sproutling
Ore Eater
Sea Calf
Sentinel's Companion
Servant of Demidos
Sky Fry
Son of Sethe
I have a few questions about the pets if you have the time to sit down and poke at it for a little bit. Information gathered will help make the new pet profiles on WarcraftPets more accurate and complete.
1.) What is the pet's quality when added to the Pet Journal?

2.) Does it make any noise when you click on it? When left alone to idle (periodic and/or constant noises)? When moving?

3.) Does it have any idle animations? What about interactions with other pets, critters, players, or the environment?

Any and all assistance is appreciated! :)


  1. I have the Frostwolf Ghostpup. Both the pet and the item from archeology are blue. It has 3-4 sounds when clicked on, all typical puppy type vocals. Idling it sits,wags it's tail and sniffs around but doesn't ever stray, stays right behind you.


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