Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Look-a-Like Challenge - Part 8

I didn't expect to make another Look-a-Like Challenge post until after WoD was released, but ta-da! Hallow's End brought new goodies that made it possible. :D

Pet: Giant Bone Spider or Desert Spider
Item: Hallowed Wand - Spider (Only available during Hallow's End)

Pet: Jade Oozeling
Item: Hallowed Wand - Slime (Only available during Hallow's End)

This one isn't actually available yet since the pet can't be collected until WoD is released.

I couldn't pass up this chance to add this one to my list, though; I'd have to wait until next year if I didn't take advantage of the holiday event going on right now! So I ended up hopping onto the beta to snap this screenshot. :)

Pet: Weebomination
Item: Hallowed Wand - Abomination (Only available during Hallow's End)

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