Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Instance's Interview With Cory Stockton

Developer Cory Stockton (@mumper) recently did an interview with The Instance and Pet Battles was briefly discussed. Stockton touches on the design philosophy as well as Pet Battles on mobile devices. Here are the main (pet) points of the interview.

19:55 - Future of Pet Battles and design philosophy
  • more about collecting, less about "a balanced fighter" style of gameplay
  • goal is to add content to existing systems without "bloating it out"

33:30 - Rethinking design
  • originally wild pets were cageable and could be sold on the AH, but that changed

36:15 - Pet Battles on IOS and Android
  • something they've discussed about a lot, but if it doesn't add anything meaningful it's unlikely they will implement it
  • difficult to translate Pet Battles to a mobile game without losing key features such as world exploration


  1. I think their continued neglect of windows phone platform will alienate those with said devices

    1. @Anonymous: I don't think it's so much neglect as it is trying to figure out a proper way of implementing mobile Pet Battles that makes sense.


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