Tuesday, January 20, 2015

6.1 PTR: Erris the Collector's Pet Teams

Much like the Menagerie battles during WoD Beta, I'm curious about how many different encounters we'll experience each time Erris the Collector/Kura Thunderhoof visits.

Wowhead now has her pets listed in their database with the six possible abilities that each of the pets can have, so that makes it somewhat easier for me. It's just a matter of tracking down the different teams.

Here's a list of teams I've come across while on the PTR. The team she has is the same for everyone that manages to get her to visit on any given day day, but whether she shows up in the garrison is still random and varies per toon.
Enbi'see, Mal, Bones
Nicodemus, Brisby, Jenner
Spores, Dusty, Salad
Moon, Mouthy, Carl
Sprouts, Prince Charming, Runts

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