Saturday, January 10, 2015

Datamined Goodies From Patch 6.1 PTR

The 6.1 PTR is upon us! Servers aren't up yet but they should be in the very near future.

Even though servers are still currently unavailable, datamining has begun and the next content patch has quite a bit of stuff for pet collectors and battlers! I'm so excited, I can't even haha :D

There are 15 new pets so far, one of which seems like a test-pet or placeholder.
Leviathan Egg - Leviathan
Grotesque Statue - Grotesque
Shard of Supremus - Abyssius
Fragment of Anger - Fragment of Anger
Fragment of Suffering - Fragment of Suffering
Fragment of Desire - Fragment of Desire
Sultry Grimoire - Sister of Temptation
Smelly Gravestone - Stinkrot
Hyjal Wisp - Hyjal Wisp
Sunblade Rune of Activation - Sunblade Micro-Defender
Void Collar - Chaos Pup
Servant's Bell - Wretched Servant
Holy Chime - K'ute
Race MiniZep Controller - Race MiniZep
My Special Pet - My Special Pet
The first 13 pets in the list have a special place in 6.1 - pets from Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin' From the Sunwell! We're finally going to travel to Black Temple, Hyjal Summit, and the Sunwell to seek out the pets that those bosses have been hiding all this time. ;)

Much in the same way the previous RWL achievements awarded a pet for completing them, this latest one rewards K'ute after you've collected the 12 listed. Judging by the name of the item that teaches K'ute, and the name of the pet itself, I can only conclude that it's a little naaru pet. Or at least I can hope!

The last two pets, Race MiniZep and My Special Pet are still unknowns.

However, the Darkmoon Faire might be getting a new challenge, The Real Big Race. It's likely the racing feature that was previewed during the WoD beta but had to be postponed and was not released at launch. If so, could the Race MiniZep be a reward from completing the related racing achievements? Or perhaps simply a new pet to buy from the faire? Maybe it's something else entirely? Hopefully the PTR Pet Journal will shed some light on this once servers come up.

As for My Special Pet... I haven't the slightest clue. It's currently lacking an item and spell image on Wowhead and MMO-Champion so I can't even speculate at the moment heh.

Another interesting addition coming is Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. If you tested content on the WoD beta, this stone might look familiar to you. It instantly grants 25 levels to a single pet, but unlike the version from the beta, this one is rare quality (down from epic) and is consumed when used. The beta version was only for testing purposes; it's hard to tell if this new battle-stone will see the same fate - for testing only, never released on live.

Other things to note about this stone: BoP, has an item level of 100 and requires level 90 to use. Signs that this might actually be implemented? Or just details that were included for completion's sake?

Also, I have to wonder where would this highly-desirable stone will come from. Is it a one time deal, or can it be obtained repeatedly (however easy or difficult)?

So many questions! Here's hoping they're all answered in time. It's good to see more pet content coming in the future. :)

Oh, and this isn't really a pet (even though many have supported the idea) -- 6.1 might bring a personal Pepe! Completing the achievement What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been rewards the toy, Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle. I think it's as close as we can get to a Pepe pet, so yay! :D


  1. Can't wait for RWLIII but I'm wondering about the fragments as they all look like they should drop from Reliquary of Souls.

    1. @Anonymous: My best guess for Reliquary is that either the pets will drop randomly and we'll have to keep running BT to collect all of the different ones from that boss.

      Or there will be something special you need to do to acquire each one, over the course of 3 raid lockouts.

      Hopefully testing on the PTR will shed some light on this :)


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