Thursday, January 15, 2015

Raiding with Leashes III: They Do Things, Yay!

I'm pretty excited for Patch 6.1 purely because of Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin' From the Sunwell. I managed to collect all of the RWL pets on the PTR and man oh man, this set of RWL pets is my absolute FAVORITE so far. The previous two sets of pets were great, but Blizzard really outdid themselves with this newest one. It makes me wonder what they're going to do for RWL4. I can't even imagine pets being more awesome than this!

So what exactly makes the RWL3 pets so amazing? They ALL have idle animations/interactions. How freaking amazing is that? Besides looking neat, each and every one of the pets (PLUS K'ute, the reward) does something interesting. I LOVE pets that do more than just sit around while waiting for me to take them on an adventure.

Some collectors may not agree and might find their idle animations annoying, which is understandable. But the fact that Blizzard took the time to put in those extra animations deserves some recognition and a tip of the hat. They certainly didn't have to give the 13 new pets 13 different animations, yet they did. So even if you're not as enthusiastic about RWL3 as I am, it should still be noted that extra time and effort was spent on these pets. It's something I'm in awe of and grateful for. :)

Anyway, onto the awesome RWL3 pets (in no particular order). The screenshots of the idle animations/interactions really don't do them justice, by the way. They are much, much cooler in person. I can't wait to collect these pets once 6.1 is released. I'm just dreading having to clear Hyjal Summit over and over. Yikes. :P

Abyssius - Supremus, Black Temple
Abyssius will occasionally get "stunned" (first image above) and then fall apart (second image above). Don't worry, though, he'll pull himself back together and will be as good as new. Every now and then he'll get stuck in place and won't follow you, but I'm not sure if is intended or a weird glitch.

Fragment of Anger - Reliquary of Souls, Black Temple
As his name suggests, he gets angry. Really angry. It's sort of a self-contained type of anger though, since it doesn't seem to have any effect on critters around him. He also gets over his anger fairly quickly.

Chaos Pup - M'uru, Sunwell Plateau
This screenshot is one of the ones that doesn't do this pet's idle animation any justice. It's hard to tell in the image, but the pup will run around in circles (either around the player or off on its own). Unlike the Direhorn Runt's animation, though, the Chaos Pup will run INCREDIBLY FAST with a very audible stomping sound. It's really comical to watch and hear. XD

Fragment of Desire - Reliquary of Souls, Black Temple
Unlike her name, she won't cause critters to desire her or anything. Instead she "yells" and then causes nearby critters to become confused.

Grotesque - Azgalor, Hyjal Summit
A little baby gargoyle! It does what you'd expect a gargoyle to do, sits and watches you ominously, but only sometimes. Otherwise it's happy to fly with you as you travel through the world.

Leviathan Hatchling - High Warlord Naj'entus, Black Temple
Sleepy hydra is sleepy! Occasionally flops over and falls asleep. Usually wakes up as soon as you move far away from it.

Sister of Temptation - Mother Shahraz, Black Temple
When you summon her out, she'll say a few lines (similar to a warlock's succubus). If a critter is nearby, they'll "fall in love" with her (just a heart over their head).


Stinkrot - Anetheron, Hyjal Summit
Burps (first image) and then lets out a green gas around it (second image). Critters beware of the noxious cloud (third image)!

Fragment of Suffering - Reliquary of Souls, Black Temple
Woe is the Fragment that suffers! His cry of pain will scare nearby critters and cause them to run in fear.

Sunblade Micro-Defender - Brutallus, Sunwell Plateau
Fel chain lighting, anyone? Just critters? K!

Hyjal Wisp - Archimonde, Hyjal Summit
It's only appropriate that a spirit of nature encourages nature to grow. The wisp will send out a golden beam of light (first image), and wherever it lands a small (Pandaria) tree sprouts and grows (second image).

Wretched Servant - Eredar Twins, Sunwell Plateau
Even the wretched get cravings. He'll chug a pink potion every now and then.

K'ute - RWL3 reward
A fair warning to those that play with their sound on, K'ute has a constant wind chime-y sound when it's out. Nearby critters will be blessed with Touch of the Naaru (first image), and when idle K'ute will perform an animation as if it's singing/playing a song (second image)


  1. Wow, you got them all already. Do you think they have a really high drop rate just for the PTR? Maybe you're just super lucky!

    1. @Raax: I got roughly 1-2 pets per raid, so the drop rate isn't terribly high or low IMO. I had to use many different characters because I kept getting duplicate drops. I could see it taking a few weeks to collect them all, depending on how many alts (that can clear BC content) you have.

      I think you'll see at least one pet each run, but whether or not it's the pet you need to complete your collection is up to RNG (as usual)!

  2. Since Reliquary of Souls has three different pets it can drop, I'm wondering if Reliquary of Souls can only drop one pet at a time, or if there is potential for it to drop two or three in one kill. If only one at a time, I'd expect to see a lot of "WTT" requests for the three of them, once these come out.

    -- Rhamona

    1. @Rhamona: In my experience, they only dropped one (random) pet at a time or none at all. I don't know if the drop behavior is different for a full raid (I solo'ed the raid) or if there are multiple people in the group, but I doubt it.

  3. This is a wonderful article! Thanks so much for the screenshots and animation descriptions - I was already excited even *before* this, now doubly so. I have to agree with you about the time spent on special animations and environmental interactions, kudos to Blizz for the care they put into these little guys. Even when a 'unique' animation makes me a little crazy and ends up being a pet I can't have out a lot - I still find them enjoyable and special. (Leaping Hatchling, I'm looking at you.... I started on a PvP realm and as a semi-terrified newbie that little raptor scared the cheese out of me several times. Even now, as a dedicated PvP'er for years, he functions as a cardiac stress test)

    As much as I enjoyed the article, what prompted me to comment today is a very aged 'Thank You' I should have delivered long since. Your Zones By Pet Level and Zone-Specific Wild Pets pretty much jump-started my collecting career and made something I was finding a bit overwhelming into an 'ok, I can do this' instead. So BIG thanks Quintessence, for all your time, enthusiasm, and willingness to pass along clear information.

    1. @Anonymous: Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm really glad that my small blog has helped! :)


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