Friday, October 30, 2009

Upcoming Holiday Pets

WarcraftPets has brought us the disappointing announcement that the Macabre Marionette will NOT be a true vanity pet.
"This pet can only be used during the Day of the Dead event - it cannot be learned and kept like other small pets." - source

i've read mixed reactions on this. some are disappointed, but not surprised by blizzard's decision, while others are seemingly heartbroken. me? considering there are many more pets to come, i will just have to sigh and concentrate on the next upcoming pet.

speaking of next upcoming pet... it's almost Turkey Time!

i'm absolutely ecstatic that i will soon have a chance at a Plump Turkey. ever since i saw the turkeys that lurk around in the howling fjord starting area, i knew i had to have one somehow. so starting on november 22 at 1 AM, you can guess what i'll be doing.

there's a total of 9 achievements to complete before the pet (and the title) are available. i've looked them over, and they seem pretty tame considering previous holiday's pre-reqs for achievement completion.

even "Turkey Lurkey," that requires you to find and shoot (with a turkey shooter) rogues of each race, will be pretty simple this time around. notice there is no level requirement on the achievement, unlike the easter "Shake Your Bunny Maker" achievement that required the classes be of at least 18th level.

this means that it will be much easier to complete the thanksgiving version. especially now that players are able to create both horde and alliance toons on not only PVE/RP servers, but also PVP servers.

i don't foresee too much hassle with any of the achievements, although if you don't have cooking, you may want to get it to at least 350 skill.

there's also still no information on how the pilgrim related outfits (robes, hats, dresses, attires) will be obtained. i'm only hoping that blizzard hasn't implemented another token system, like the brewfest event. perhaps we could turn in yams in exchange for pilgrim's clothing?

the daily quest achievement "Pilgrim's Progress" may be somewhat of a headache. there are a total of 5 dailies that need to be completed, yet only 7 days of the in game event. should there be one too many repeat dailies, this achievement may take a couple years to finish. we'll just have to wait and see.

all in all, i'm very excited about the upcoming pets and... non-pets.
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