Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Fail

**4:30 PM Update**
This post states that there has been a hotfix for some of the Day of the Dead zoning, logging, hearthing issues. however, no news on whether or not the pet will be reimbursed to those that obtained it before the hotfix.

consider the following: there's only one more day of the event, the pet is still event-specific, the disappearing act happened to nearly all who participated in the event before the hotfix. add these things together on top of "the Game Master staff will be unable to provide immediate assistance as these issues also affect our ability to provide reimbursement", and it's sounding very much like we won't be seeing our marionette pet until next time around.
"Pretty much, those who cared about the pet, got it, lost it, and won't be getting it back. That's the stupidest thing I've heard in my life."


day of the dead in game event is here!

and.... it sucks.

i'm at a loss of what to say about this event. are there any positives? i managed to snag myself another flower offhand (i have a habit of collecting flowers as well as pets). but other than that, day of the dead is a HUGE let down.

in my previous post i mentioned that i didn't mind the pet being event-specific. i still don't. what i DO mind is the fact that it, as well as many other aspects of this seasonal event, are bugged to hell.

oh by, the way, the official day of the dead information page is slightly misleading. yes, "festivities" are located at the graveyard in most major cities, however the quest to obtain the pet can only be found at YOUR race's home city (or in dalaran if you can get there).

ok so after acquiring my cute little skeleton friend, i proceeded to dalaran. things were still ok. some guildies of mine invited me for a quick 10 naxx, and i agreed to go. first thing i noticed as i flew out of dalaran was the undead costume, provided by the NPC catrina, decided to wear off despite still having 12 hours remaining on the buff.

no biggie, though right? i figured that i could just head back to dalaran and /dance with catrina for the buff again. they would just have to summon me.

after i was summoned to naxx, however, i noticed the item that summons the skeleton companion missing from my bags. i had just recently done a small clear out of my bags, so i figured i might have accidentally placed it in my bank. so i snagged another summon and headed back to dalaran yet again.

no matter how many times i combed over my bank and bags, my Macabre Marionette was gone. after some quick glances over the wow support forums, it seems that this is happening to nearly everyone.

zoning and/or logging out seems to be the main cause of day of the dead items suddenly disappearing. items such as the bread of the dead are easily replaceable (unless you're unwilling to spend a few copper). the pet on the other hand is NOT currently replaceable. the NPC that awarded it for completing a quest will not give you the quest again or the pet.

what. the. fuck. blizzard.

it's one thing to withhold a pet/reward from being learnable and usable all year 'round, but it's an entirely other thing when said pet can't even be kept and used during the event!

needless to say, i'm pretty peeved. as is the majority of the pet collecting community. i feel like i've just been jerked around and slapped in the face. give a dog a bone and then take it away even more, please. /sarcasm. /rant.

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