Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pet of the Week - Bombay Cat

after all the excitement of this week, this version of pet of the week will be short and sweet.

the bombay cat was one of the first vendor pets that i bought in bulk. there's a total of 6 vendor kitties, and i'm not ashamed to say that i bought all of them all at once. (and this was before pets were learnable, so that meant 6 bag slots taken up by my feline friends >_<)

why i love it
it's quite possibly the best pet to have out during halloween (other than the sinister squashling, that is). the bombay cat matches perfectly with my witch costume!

i also love the way stinker pines endlessly for this pet. i'm sure this confuses the hell out of the bombay though, heh.

what i would change
is there anything to change? this pet is a classic. it's model is very vanilla-style WoW, so it would be a shame if it was changed too much. if anything, i would give it an additional idle animation. maybe have it lick its paws and groom itself at random moments. how cute would that be? :)

overall it's sleek model and coloring make it a perfect companion for halloween, and it's classic-ness make it wonderful pet all year round. i wonder if the perky pug will agree? *cough*dog+cat=new animation?*cough* just a suggestion... ^_~
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