Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pet of the Week - Nether Ray Fry

the nether ray fry is one of the few TBC reputation pets. i remember when news of it came from the PTR, i immediately began grinding sha'tari skyguard rep. not that it was difficult, just a little tedious and boring. the extra effort was totally worth it.

why i love it
it flies with me now! i love the fact that blizzard changed it so that it flies along side with you rather than staying grounded. if i had bought one of the nether ray mounts, it would have definitely made a very cute picture; a big nether ray with a mini one flying side by side.

i also adore this pet because, let's face it, how could you NOT like miniature versions of in-game creatures?!

what i would change
much like the crimson snake, which was last week's random pet of the week, i would give the nether ray fry an on-click sound as well as an animation. what does a nether ray do in its spare time though? animating this companion may be a tad difficult since i can't even think of a possible animation to give it! perhaps a little spin as it hovers and idles around. or make it do barrel rolls as it attempts to chase its own tail ^_~

another change i would add is a different color upon each summon. take a look at all the possible nether ray mount colors! why settle for one when you could have the same pet of many colors?! surely the mounts will have babies, and those babies of varied color could be tamed, domesticated, and turned into vanity pets, yea? :3

i'll be honest, i don't take this pet out as much as i should. it's cute and worthy of some attention every now and then. i almost feel bad about the nether ray fry because it got so little glory in TBC and still is only recognized only when my random pet macro summons it. maybe if some changes were added, this companion would gain some popularity.
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