Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Lich and A Panda

wow! what a wonderful surprise! and here i was thinking that the pandaren monk and the lil' kt would be for the next expansion.

i was actually debating on whether or not to purchase these two pets ($10 each). my motto has always been that since i spend so much money on this game already, i won't stress over the pets that require even more RL money.

however, one thing that made me falter was that 50% of every $10 (for the monk pet) will go to the make a wish foundation.

not to mention that compared to the TCG pets, $10 is very reasonable. AND both the monk and lich are account bound, which means all my toons, past and future ones, will be able to add these two lovely companions to their collections too.

i was at a loss and didn't know what i should do. my cursor was just hovering over the buy now button. so i decided to call someone important and get their advice.

their advice was to check my email since they had just bought the two pets for me. -_-

as with any pet that's purchased with me in mind, i'm eternally grateful. <3


sidenote: unlike most other pets, you will not be able to use the vanity items sold by breanni on these two pets. this includes, the fetch ball, leash, grooming kit, and pet snack. party poopers.

BUT! if you /bow to the Pandaren Monk, he will bow back. and Lil' KT? well let's just say he has it in for other critters.

i love animated pets that you can interact with or that interact with the environment around you :)
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