Thursday, November 12, 2009


alas, it has come to pass that this "minor tool patch" implemented today has taken away my little skeleton friend. you will be missed and never forgotten. /salute.

too RP? lol. well what's done is done, and the macabre marionette's lifespan is done. it's for sure this time. there will be no more restorations, no more chances to /dance with this companion this year, and it will NOT be made into or considered a true vanity pet this time around.

i'm glad that i had the chance to enjoy this pet for a little longer than intended. our escapades consisted of playing fetch (ball head!), taking a bath to get all shiny clean, and exploring instances which i'm sure the marionette's never experienced before.

i do feel for those who didn't get the extra time to enjoy the little guy. some got shafted and shafted hard, while others were given a second chance. is it fair? no. but what's done is done, and hopefully blizzard will learn from this fiasco and make plans to prevent something like this from happening again next year.

so we will just have to wait patiently until next year's Day of the Dead, and hope that blizzard will be generous enough to offer the marionette up as a true vanity pet.

goodbye for now, macabre marionette. i'll be awaiting your return next year. /teary wave.
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