Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pet of the Week - Teldrassil Sproutling

with all the excitement of new pets, i completely forgot to do a pet of the week write up. older pets get very little love compared to the newer, shinier ones. :(

this week's pet of the week is the teldrassil sproutling. since i'm a night elf, the first vendor that opened up to me was the darnassus one, making the sproutling my first argent tournament pet. when i first saw previews of it, i remember thinking to myself 'it's going to be like a mini-me on a leash! how awkwardly cute!'

why i love it
it's a mini-me! i can't even begin to count how many minutes or hours i've wasted just sitting in dalaran in tree form with the sproutling out. we play a game of sorts. it dances, so i dance! it sleeps, so i sleep! it's like follow the leader, except when i plot to take over the world. then i become the leader and my mimi-me follows. ^^

what i would change
is there anything i would want to change about this pet? it's already animated and graphically pleasing. i guess the only thing i can think of would be an on click vocalization. perhaps the tree-like grunt that us bark-wearing-folk make whenever we go into tree form. :P

the teldrassil sproutling is definitely one of my favorites in the argent tournament collection, but the grind for 40 seals isn't an activity that i'd repeat. that's ok, though. i have my one sproutling and that's more than i could ask for. besides, he won't be leaving my side any time soon. us trees, we gotta stick together yenno. lol.
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