Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lists for Life

i'm a huge "to-do-list" fan. it saves me the time and headache of trying to remember all things that need to be remembered. perhaps that's why is such a great site for me. i can keep track of the pets that i have, and then monitor which ones i need to get.

but the one thing that it doesn't have is a way to track a wish list (which i may add is probably for the best since it's so easy to say 'my wish list contains all pets'... which is kind of ridiculous and defeats the purpose of a wish list in general). so rather than write it down on random scraps of paper that i'll lose in a matter of moments, i decided to add it here.

i know i've said the TCG pets are none of my concern, but let's be honest. sure, i can't afford the $50+ for any of the TCG companions, but does that mean i don't want any of them, period? hell no. "not having the means" does not equal to "not being interested." everyone, regardless if they are able to buy them or not, would love to have their very own set of TCG pets.

so there's that list. a rather short and simple one because lists weren't meant to be enormous. if that were the case, we'd never have to remember anything on our own ever again. except maybe where we stuck the giant list...

like i said, i like lists. simple, to the point, and up-to-date.
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