Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So They DO Have Eyes!

mmo-champion posted screenshots of the new Calico Cat and Albino Snake. and i'm thrilled to see that the snake actually has visible eyes! (see my post on the crimson snake to understand what i mean.)

even if these two newest pets will be available via breanni the vendor (with an unlimited supply), i'm very excited and axious to add these two companions to my collection.

sure, there's no challenge awaiting me or hours upon hours of farming to be done, but vendor pet or not, they are all welcome to be apart of my little (little? you mean huge) family.

being sold at an unlimited supply through a vendor also helps out the many collectors without the means or desire to spend real life money on vanity pets, with the pet collecting achievements. (i'm all for keeping the balance between the "pay-to-pet" community and the "pets for all players" community.)

with more easily accessible in-game pets, can collectors hope to see a 100 pet achievement soon? that is, of course, if one assumes the main reason that it hasn't been implemented yet is because of the current difficulty in obtaining 100 companions without spending extra cash.

well, we'll see.

in the meantime, i'm going to enjoy spending time with my new kitty and snake. :)
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