Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey Time's Almost Here!

sorta. the in-game turkey, yes. still half a week before the real thing, which i'm grateful for. so much to do in so little time, leaves me feeling pretty anxious and stressed.

it doesn't help that there are still some unclear things about the Pilgrim's Bounty achievements. there would definitely be less worry on my shoulders if i knew the details of this new seasonal event. but i'm the rare type of person that enjoys reading the end of a story before ever starting it, so i don't expect blizzard to make all aspects of new events readily available.

some things that i haven't been able to uncover:
  • where to get/purchase: Turkey Shooter, Pilgrim's Hat, Pilgrim's Dress/Robe/Attire
  • where each city's (horde and alliance) Bountiful Table will be located
  • whether or not the dailies will be made available all at once, and you'll just have to pick one to do each day or if the dailies will be made random and only offered once per day
i don't need to be the first on the server or in my guild to get the achievements done or receive the pet, but i would like to get these achievements finished as soon as possible since next week is going to be busy even without the in-game stuff. knowing the finer details of the event would prove useful in getting it all done quickly and efficiently, but i haven't had much luck discovering them.

i DID find out that there will be an NPC in stormwind who offers a quest (possibly a chain) to learn all the thanksgiving recipes. the thanksgiving celebrants direct you to this NPC who then goes on about how to cook special dishes, etc. whether or not he will actually make the recipes readily available or send you off on some long winded adventure to purchase/find the recipes, i don't know yet. i'm hoping for the former.

after all that's said and done, the plump turkey will be mine!! *cackles evilly* uh, yea. :P but seriously, ever since i saw the turkeys in howling fjord, i knew i had to have one. i hope blizzard added in a neat little animation or emote to the turkey. perhaps a juicy, sizzling sound followed by a cooking timer ding? heh.

so here's to a busy busy weekend/week. i'll be doing lots of baking IRL and in-game, too bad only the food IRL tastes as good as it looks. :P
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