Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Lucky Night

update: 728 PM, Sunday evening
indeed the plump turkey is a strange one...

combine it with fire and you get dinner. combine it with the spring rabbit and you get... cross species mating. O_o


two pets in one night; so EXCITING!

the onyxian whelpling is everything that one could hope for. a miniature version of an in-game creature (a boss, no less!), cute in an ugly sort of way, and s/he even "deep breaths" just like mommy! well, ok... not really. the whelpling's just 'blowing smoke' so to speak :P

and after three and a half hours of carefully planned daily/achievement grinding, the plump turkey is now in my possession. he's a bit suicidal though, the poor guy. thank you to a certain someone for all the help in getting this pet :) (ps: orc rogues are a damn rarity on my server!)

all in all, i'm pretty impressed by these two new pets. they both have very unique animations and skins/graphics, and are both equally adorable (although the whelpling's cute in its own way). either blizzard's taking the hint on how to make vanity pets more enjoyable, or critter companions have taken over the blizzard hq and are now designing the in-game creatures to their own liking! ^^;
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