Monday, January 18, 2010

Pet of the Week - Miniwing

miniwing is this week's pet of the week! i remember i did his escort quest with a friend, but it was more on accident that on purpose. we were just power leveling to 70 at the time, and had no idea that at he end of the escort we would be rewarded with a vanity pet. it was quite a pleasant surprise! :D

fun fact: miniwing is the highest item level vanity pet to date! item level 96 puts him at the top even though the pet itself is only level 1.

why i love it
his model may be the same as the bloodsail parrot, but miniwing's coloring is absolutely unique and beautiful. the quest to obtain him wasn't long like other companion pet quest chains, so this pet is fairly easy to get for everyone. not to mention it was a neat surprise for me at the end of the escort :)

his name makes me wonder though, is there a big-wing?

what i would change
being the highest item level companion pet, i would give him attributes that reflect this. more hit points so that he more closely resembles an actual mob? heh, that might be a bit of a stretch though.

one thing that i would definitely give him is his own special bird cry. miniwing deserves to stand out if he's at the top! how else will other birds know who's #1 on the food ladder? i bet miniwing gets dibs on bird feed first :P
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