Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pet of the Week - Sprite Darter Hatchling

this week's pet is the sprite darter hatchling, one pet that holds a special place in my collection. i obtained one of these little guys pre-burning crusade, i think? it was only after i saw someone else with one that i went to do some research and discovered the epic quest chain to become a darter parent. :) while on the chain, i remember thinking to myself 'this is really long, is this really worth it?' the answer was yes, a thousand times yes!

why i love it
it's 100% completely unique from all the other companion pets. there's just something so ethereal about it that i can't get enough of. the detail on it from the little crescent moons on its wings, to the curl of its tail are absolutely adorable.

what i would change
i don't think i've said this about any pet yet... but i wouldn't change a thing about the sprite darter hatchling.

the darter was one of those rare, "you'd need to be in the know" type of pets pre-burning crusade since the quest chain was so out of the way and there was no direct quest leading up to it. whenever i have this pet out, i get so nostalgic about my earlier days in WoW when pet collecting wasn't really big and to have a sprite darter was a sort of milestone. i suppose that's all part of its charm. :)
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