Monday, January 25, 2010

Pet of the Week - Spirit of Summer

this week's pet is the spirit of summer. when the midsummer fire festival first came out, i picked up the quest a light in dark places but never managed to complete it. i was terrified that i wouldn't get the pet when they announced that the quest would be retired. that is until i found out that the spirit of summer would be sold for blossoms instead!

why i love it
being a night elf myself, it's nostalgic to have a wisp like pet following me around. even if it's red..

plus i admit that i'm guilty of eating a magic eater or two in order to get the same wisp model debuff. :P what can i say? i enjoy having a miniature version of me around.. even if it's for 30 seconds or so heh. (it's even cuter when i use the red ribbon pet leash to link us together ^^; lol.)

what i would change
i'm slightly disappointed that unlike its wisp counterpart, the spirit of summer doesn't have an on click sound. i could definitely add one. maybe slightly altered from the night elf version though, so as to not confuse people :)

other than that, i wouldn't deviate too far from the current model/animation. i'm quite satisfied with my red wisp-like friend just the way he is.
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