Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pet Topics During Developer Q&A

Blizzard had a Q&A with developers this evening, and there were a few pet related topics. Here's a summary, but you can read the full transcript here.
- The number of pet breeds for certain pets is varied, and there will be more breeds for some pets in the future.

- There might be a possible pet scavenger hunt in the future.

- Epic pets might be coming in patch 5.4. No details on how/where we'll obtain them.

- Pierre is also planned for 5.4.

- Developers are working on a solution for those extra BoP battle-stones sitting in your bags. Might be coming in 5.4.

- Difficulty of battle doesn't always rely on quality of the pet you're fighting against. There are other things they can do to make a fight interesting.

- Another round of Burning Crusade raid pets might be coming in the future, but an exact patch hasn't been decided yet.

- If the new PVP features coming in 5.3 prove successful, they'll add more to the PVP side of pet battles.

- Spectator mode coming in 5.3.
That's about it! Just a little taste from the developers on upcoming pet battles features. Hopefully we'll hear more about those epic pets, scavenger hunt, and battle-stone solution soon. :)

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